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We believe that not competition, but the image is the key sales promoter, and the basis of relationships with customers. But in order that the image film can really evoke emotions and win the viewer’s favour to the company, it is not enough meager statistics and positive reviews in the frame. People always feel insincerity. It is important here to illustrate the brand identity honestly and with all your heart so that the viewer believes and gets into. The facts and tasks should be seasoned with humanity, it is necessary to show people who work in the company, with their qualities and features. It is this, as well as aesthetic beauty and a powerful message - the main tasks of UTC Film during the filming of the advertising video.
In our portfolio there are image videos for completely diverse companies in Kiev and not only there. During the production of each of them, we turned into customer's employees for short while. We got into the atmosphere, got acquainted with "colleagues", tried to look at the world from their point of view, and then shot the video, proceeding from the individuality and really valuable advantages of the company.